1. Answer all questions.
  2. Questions will be scored out of 5. 1/5 is given if you attempt a solution, so please try! 5/5 will be awarded to answers that pass all the test cases.
  3. All your work should be your own.
  4. Submit your work by emailing ( a zipped file, which should be named your student ID number. All submissions before the end of the competition will be accepted. You may only submit your work once, so be very thorough when checking your work before submission.
  5. The two highest scoring submissions win.
  6. First prize is a 100 cedis cash prize. Second prize is 50 cedis.
  7. The competition ends 14th May, 2016
Logic: fizzString
Arrays: biggerTwo
Strings: makeOutWord
Logic: evenlySpaced
Strings: repeatFront
Array: sameEnds
Arrays: canBalance